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Ron and Christie Adams from Retirement Solutions® have taken care of our finances for eight years with index annuities. We have never lost any money, even when the market crashed; actually, we’re way ahead. They’ve done a great job for us and we trust them. –Ginny

I’m very, very content because when I first got into position when I could invest, I had a lot of questions and, as it turned out, originally I didn’t get the right answers and ended up with a little problem. But we caught it in time and I got a hold of you guys and you spoke a language I could understand. I think my wife and I are pretty happy with the way things have turned out. You took a real interest in the individual. The product sells itself. I feel a lot of confidence in dealing with you and consider you all friends more than financial advisors. –Bob

We came over there about two years ago and put a stop to the fall. We’re well pleased. If you can just keep growing our money the way you’ve done it in the last two years, we’ll get to retire maybe sooner than we thought we might. Keep up the good work. You all are good folks; you can trust these people here. –Jess

Ron, Christie, you’re just like trusted friends to me. –Alta

I had turned my entire 401k over to the stock market. It went down along with everybody else’s and that was a real problem for me because, you know, you use that money for retirement. That was the biggest selling point for me when I heard your presentation; you don’t lose anything. It took me a long time to comprehend that, but I have seen the stock market go up and down since then…and it’s just been fantastic. I’d hate to see where my money would have been if I’d left it in the stock market. One thing I worried about, too, was will I be able to borrow from it if I need to, and I’ve already done that with no problem; no fees. –Deanna